Amazon had my last 4 shipments and selling them withoum reimbursement.

they have gotten my last 4 shipment and i took pictures step by step whatever i got in the box and includes shipping label. and i did pay 5.700$ to my business friend in 2 weeks. and amazon has been selling my products when they said they did not have my…
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Re: When buyer wants to return a book, and then lies about condition . . .

If the buyer selected a reason for return that indicates a problem with the item, or the item was not as described, a pre-paid label would be required by policy.

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Re: First ever A-Z…

I don’t get the point of this thread. Are you sharing and if so, why leave out the details?
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Re: Canada Style Guide

American Leather Belt wrote:

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Re: Did I miss something about added Pictures to my book listings ???

So when I went to Edit I only saw two photos where previously I had, had six however on one of them I added more and then they showed up on my listing. That is going to be a huge pain to go back and add photos to Edit. Maybe from now on I should not…
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How do I import amazon reports in Quickbooks?

How do I import amazon reports in Quick books?
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Access Amazon MWS Api without manual input by seller

We currently allow our users to enter their access key and token and then we make MWS Api calls using their key/token.

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Re: USPS can destroy your business!

Since “ALL” sellers are not reporting a MARKED INCREASE in USPS misdelivering packages, then yes, you do need to look at your end of the business to make sure the problem is not there. Did you know if you put clear tape over a thermal label the…
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Re: How Many Listings will I lose??


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Galaxy Note 8 Leak Reveals Samsung's Expensive Secret

Will Samsung’s best ever smartphone have its highest ever price?
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